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Sunday, October 18, 2015

BeautyCon NYC

BeautyCon NYC was so much fun. Who wouldn't love a full day packed with makeup and all their fav people? Here is a breakdown of what I wore and some cool people I met.

Probably throwing shade to whoever was about to step in my picture lol
Sneakers: http://swoo.sh/1W1bqTB


Jayla Koriyan! Now most popular for her college vlogs Jayla's channel encompasses a little bit of everything. 
                       Lakia Star & Peak Mill aka hair royalty! I wouldnt know how to make my own wigs if it wasn't for these two. Lakia & I actually both have in our KRS Hair Group Clip Ins in this photo.

GlamTwinz334 / Kendra & Kelsey 
Gurus of natural hair and such sweet amazing girls. 

Below watch my NYC experience and what I got in my gift bag!

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