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Thursday, September 10, 2015

MIA Vlog

Check out my Labor Day weekend!

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Festival Essentials

Before Coachella 2016 rolls around I'm gonna give you guys the scoop on some festival DO's and DONT's and Essentials. 

Since I'm petty like that you know I'm gonna have to start off with the DONT's.

Please DONT wear anything of value or that you care about I know I know this is the ultimate opportunity to flex but please do not take it. You will lose/and or get dirty whatever it is you hold near and dear to your heart but DONT say I didn't warn you.

DONT wear sandals or flip fops. Your toes will thank you I promise. If you do decide to wear flip flops or sandals you'll be singing ouch way more than the words to you favorite Beyonce song because people will step on your feet. Its inevitable. 

DONT beat you face for blood. A little BB Cream or highlight but do not do the whole sha - bang unless you can remember not to wipe or touch your face ever because its probably melting in the 100 degree whether like I can but thats a skill that takes years to master. ;) Tip: Use Milk of Magnesia as a primer if you must wear foundation it will not budge.

DONT attend if you cant breathe in tight spaces are claustrophobic can't handle big crowds none of that. Its all of the above and then some.

DO wear something heeled or with a platform but comfortable. If your a shortie you'll need these. Its like floor seats at the Drake concert all over again.

DO bring a light cardigan or flannel. It does get chilly at night despite the body heat.

DO discuss a meeting spot with you friends before it starts getting ratchet. One of your phones will die. I promise.

Which Brings me to my essentials.....

After you go snapchat crazy and realize that you need your phone for alot more than you thought you are going to wish you had an external battery. Atleast 10 people came up to me and said how smart of an idea it was while they saw me charging my phone at the festival. 

Get sunscreen you will burn. THE END

People are disgusting and you need hand sanitizer or wet wipes to keep the germs away. No one like to be sick during the summer/fall. Well no one wants to be sick period but it just makes sense in the winter.

Who would have thought that there would be water at a festival sponsored by Budweiser.... EVERYONE. As they served beer and Thot Juice Lime-A-Rita's and not even a drop of water people were passing out left and right. Thankfully some of the security threw some water bottles into the crowd but if you don't want to die waiting bring your own. 

The glare is real bring your favorite pair of sunnies and stay shady.