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Monday, August 17, 2015

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks

Launched on June 25, 2015 the ultra matte lipstick from Colour Pop Cosmetics has been rocking my world ever since. Yes I was one of the many crazies crashing the site the night of the launch and yes I was successful getting the ones I put in my cart (thanks to my good good internet service provider) This video is long over due but I still wanted to share swatches of the various colors for my women of darker complexions. I purchased 15 of the 25 shades they originally had and they are AMAZING. You know a lip color is amazing when you keep it in your purse and Limbo and Tulle are my go to lip colors at the moment. While some may be more great than others I decided to tell you my thoughts about each color I purchased and just some general thoughts on the lipstick and the brand itself.

First of all I love Colour Pop who doesn't love quality makeup for a fraction of the price. These lipsticks turned me into a believer and I went and purchased 3 eyeshadows and may I say BOMB!! (I will be doing a future post on those so thats all I'm going to share.) I love the packaging and the cute little cards they send with each order.

The silver writing on the lipstick tube rubs off very easily but the name of the color of each lipstick is placed at the bottom of the tube so it doesn't bother me at all. The shipping was ok and they answered the questions I asked on their Instagram page which is a definite plus for me. I know they say not to wear these with lip balm but I do wear EOS lip balm underneath just so they wont be as drying. I use coconut oil to take them off at the end of the day. Coconut oil does ALL!!

Below will be what I liked and disliked about each color:

Limbo - Go to color
Great brown with a brick undertone
Not drying
Great formula

Creeper - Very pigmented red

Avenue - Nice burgundy tinted red

Zipper - Purple with a blue undertone
Great color
Reminds me of Heroine by MAC

Seesaw- Goes on streaky but dries a little better than when initially applied
Barbie pink that I feel is unflattering on my skin tone

Highball- Has a weird paint like smell upon opening tube
Gorgeous Color
Bright Hot Pink - Flat Out Fabulous-Ish

Ouji - Needs a second layer for best look applies streaky
Nice coral pink

Mars- Very cute pink no complaints

Trap- Bomb nude color LOVE LOVE LOVE

Drive-In - Another great pink
Great formula
No complaints


Tulle- Favorite color
I consistently wear this with no issues at all

LAX - Fav color for the fall

Bumble- Close to tulle but a little more pink

Overall these lippies are very pigmented and for $6 why not???

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